Thursday, February 24, 2011

cowls, gaiters, and snoods! oh my!

been knitting away trying to perfect some things... My sweater is on hold since I got a bit bored looking at brown yarn. I will finish it! I swear! there is nowhere else for all that brown yarn to go.I am still sculpting, and really need to remember to bring my camera to class.

Monday, January 31, 2011

उगली स्वेअतेर्स एंड ओथेर थिंग्स

So the title says "ugly sweaters and other things" but for some reason blogger went nuts and changed the language. I will forgive it because now I look edgy and cool :)

My circular knitting has improved quite a lot and I have finally started on my first very ugly sweater! It is going to be made out of garage sale yarn in shades of brown, and should have quite a lot of character. I am just finishing up the second sleeve of it, and will be putting together a video of how it was designed and assembled when I have a bit more done.

I did not use a pattern to create this sweater (it will probably show) but rather I designed the shape and then figured out how to make and then assemble the pieces I would need. If I am successful in making a wearable sweater, I will post some sort of non-traditional pattern for those strange knitters who happen to be my size.

My next project is a little more straight-forward, leg-warmers for my friend <3

In other breaking news my sculpting is also progressing quite well. My current project is a bas relief of my pet hermit crab, and I can't wait to post pictures :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


now that the holidays are over...

I still have a huge pile of crochet things left. I think I am going to set them aside and use them as trade/gifts at the festivals I plan on going to this summer.

I have also been learning how to improve my knitting as a way to slow myself down. I'm thinking about making a series of very ugly sweaters :)

Driving my hearse around has been impossibly wonderful. I have never loved a car so much. So far I have found a mint wrapper from the funeral home who owned it previously , and a blue rubber glove wedged between the seats. I can't wait to go through the things under the casket table when it gets warmer!

I have also started sculpting again. Mostly working on getting good at bas reliefs, but sculpting in the round to change it up. I am hoping 2011 will be a pretty productive year for me, because I have some big plans to get started on.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So there it is, my new car!!
I got a pretty nice deal on it. The body is a 93 Buick roadmaster, not the most desirable hearse ever but a solid one. Finally got the plates and everything sorted out and I have to take it in to get the break lines done tomorrow, but hopefully I will be driving it to work on Friday.